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To apply to the Quadra Bike School

Submit by e-mail or by snail-mail:
  • A resumé describing your mechanical experience with bicycles
  • Reasons for wanting to take advanced mechanic's training
  • Contact information and your place of residence.
  • $500 deposit that will secure your spot in the 3 courses by cheque or an Interac® e-mail money transfer to smokeydymny (at)
Students not wanting to register in three courses to obtain full mechanic's certification will be held on a waiting list. Those who register for all three components will be given priority.


Tuition for Part 1. Bicycle Assembly and Tuning is $800 plus Goods & Services Tax of 5%

Tuition for Part 2. Professional Bicycle Repair is $800 plus GST of 5%

Tuition for the Bicycle Repair Practicum is $800 plus GST of 5%

Taking all three courses will cost $2400 plus GST

Residence costs for each course are $167 plus GST %5

Residence for all three plus the extra days of practice is $501 plus GST.

There are four spots in each course.  Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis and does not become complete until a $500 deposit has been received. Your deposit is non-refundable unless you withdraw in enough time to allow another person to register in the same courses.
I will transfer your deposit if you register in a later course.

2019 Course Dates

April 15 - May 17
April 15- 23rd                                 1. Bicycle Assembly and Tuning
April 24                                               testing day
April 25- May 3                              2. Professional Bicycle Repair
May 6- 14th                                    3. Bicycle Repair Practice
May 15-17                                          extra practise/testing
This course has been filled.

May 20 - 24 grads refresher course. Four places filled.

May 27 - Jun 28
May 27-June 4                                1. Bicycle Assembly and Tuning
June 5                                               testing day
June 6-14                                        2. Professional Bicycle Repair
June 17-25                                      3. Bicycle Repair Practice
June 26-28                                         extra practise/testing
One full course spot filled. Two spots filled for part one. One full course opening remains.

Sept 3 - Nov 4
Sept 2 Labour Day                             no classes
Sep 3 - Sep 11                                1. Bicycle Assembly and Tuning
Sep 12 - Sep 20                              2. Professional Bicycle Repair
Sep 23 - Oct 1                                3. Bicycle Repair Practice
Oct 2 - 4                                             testing days
Two spots have been reserved. Two openings remain.


Contact Information

Email: smokeydymny (at)        Phone:  250-285-2447

Snail mail:
Smokey's Bike Shop or Quadra Bike School
P.O. Box 745
Quathiaski Cove, B.C.
V0P 1N0

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