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  • A resumé describing your mechanical experience with bicycles
  • Reasons for wanting to take advanced mechanic's training
  • Contact information and your place of residence.
  • A $600 deposit that will secure your spot in the 3 courses by cheque or an Interac® e-mail money transfer to jsmokeydymny(at)
Students not wanting to register in three courses to obtain full mechanic's certification will be held on a waiting list. Those who register for all three components will be given priority.


Tuition for Part 1.  Bicycle Assembly and Tuning is $1127 plus Goods & Services Tax of 5%
Tuition for Part 2.  Professional Bicycle Repair is $1127 plus GST of 5%
Tuition for the Bicycle Repair Practicum is $1127 plus GST of 5%
Taking all three courses costs $3381 plus GST of 5%

Residence costs for each course are $200 plus GST of %5
Residence cost for all three parts & the extra days of practice is $600 plus GST of 5%
Total Course cost including residence is: $3981 + $199.05 GST = 4180.05

There are FOUR spots available in each course.  Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis and does not become complete until a $500 deposit has been received. Your deposit is non-refundable unless you withdraw in enough time to allow another person to register in the same courses.  If that happens I will transfer your deposit if you register in a later course.
The balance of the course fees & GST need to be paid ONE MONTH before the course begins.

My price changes this year reflect increased costs which include a whopping 65% increase in Insurance which started last October 2019. I'm trying to catch up here.
The main U.S. course which I based the Canadian one on, both in Toronto & on Quadra Island, does NOT include the all-important practical component, which I called Bicycle Repair & Practise. The motel they recommend does NOT ALLOW STUDENTS TO COOK. You have to COMMUTE to the classrooms. I offer full cooking facilities. The Bike School is  steps from the student residence. And yet, this course, held on beautiful Quadra Island, with bike trails starting from your front door, still costs less than half for the same course components offered in Colorado (translated into Canadian dollars).  If you added the costs of eating out at restaurants, the difference would be huge.

                             2020 Course Dates

April 6 - May 8
Apr 13                                                 Easter Monday
April 6 - 15th                                  1. Bicycle Assembly and Tuning
Apr 16                                                 change-over day, part 1 to part 2
Apr 17 - 27th                                  2. Professional Bicycle Repair
Apr 28 - May 8                               3. Bicycle Repair Practice & testing.

Three spots are reserved. One spot is available.

May 25 -June 26
May 25 - Jun 2                                1. Bicycle Assembly and Tuning
June 3                                                 change-over day, part 1 to part 2
Jun 4 - 12th                                     2. Professional Bicycle Repair
Jun 15 - 26th                                   3. Bicycle Repair Practice & testing.

All four spots are now reserved.

Sept 8 - Oct 9
Sept 7                                                   Labour Day 
Sept 8 -16th                                     1. Bicycle Assembly and Tuning
Sept 17                                                change-over day, part 1 to part 2
Sept 18 - 28                                     2. Professional Bicycle Repair
Sep 29 - Oct 9                                 3. Bicycle Repair Practice & testing.

Three spots are available. One place is reserved.

Oct 26 - Nov 27
Oct 26 - Nov 3                                 1. Bicycle Assembly and Tuning
Nov 4th                                                change-over day, part 1 to part 2
Nov 5 - Nov 13                               2. Professional Bicycle Repair
Remembrance Day Holiday
Nov 14 - 27th                                  3. Bicycle Repair Practice & testing.

Four spots are available

Email:  jsmokeydymny (at)    Phone: 250-285-2447

Regular mail: 

Quadra Bike School, P.O. Box 286, Heriot Bay, B.C., V0P 1H0

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