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To apply to the Quadra Bike School

Submit by e-mail or by snail-mail:
  • A resumé describing your mechanical experience with bicycles
  • Reasons for wanting to take advanced mechanic's training
  • Contact information and your place of residence.
  • A $1000 deposit that will secure your spot in the course by cheque or by Interac deposit. Or direct bank transfer. I have no credit card machines here.
Students NOT wanting to register in all three components to obtain full mechanic's training will be held on a waiting list. Those who want full mechanic's certification get first priority. 

Tuition for Part 1.  Bicycle Assembly and Tuning is $1660 plus Goods & Services Tax of 5%
Tuition for Part 2.  Professional Bicycle Repair is $1660 plus GST of 5%
Tuition for the Bicycle Repair Practicum is $1660 plus GST of 5%
Taking all three courses costs $4980 plus GST of 5% ($249)
Additionally, the Barnett Manual is required and costs $260.00  
An early PDF version 5 of the Manual will be emailed to you upon receipt of your deposit. 

There are only FOUR spots available in each course because my student residence has four bedrooms. Do not ask to be added as a fifth person because you want to live your own camper, etc. The bike shop has four fully equipped work stations for students. I tried fitting a fifth student in before and it does not work. 
Registration is on a first come first served basis and does not become complete until your $1000 deposit is paid. This deposit is non-refundable unless you withdraw in enough time to allow another person to register for the course you reserved.  If your place is filled by someone new, I will transfer your deposit to a later course or issue you a refund. The balance of the course fees plus the GST and $250 for the Barnett Manual DX need to be paid at least one MONTH before the course starts. 

My price changes this year reflect escalating costs which include large increases in commercial insurance costs, property taxes, and other costs in the past three years.
Other bicycle repair courses do not include my all-important practical component, which is called Bicycle Repair & Practise. It's the second half of this course. You repair many types customers' bicycles and integrate the skills you have learned in a very practical way.  This is not done in any of the other courses as they are advertised. In the past this allowed my grads to move right into bicycle repair at cycle shops instead of being relegated to assembling new bicycles out of the box. Not that I understand why new bicycles are assembled by the least experienced mechanics in a shop. Bicycle Repair & Practise worked very well in the course in Toronto and continues here on Quadra Island. I also will NOT use Park Tool's Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair for an instructional manual nor do I use only Park Tools. As described in the Barnett Manual, and from my own years of experience, there are much better tools for many bicycle repairs. Especially be wary of Park spoke tension gauges which have fallen off greatly in accuracy in recent years. We use much better gauges from Wheel Fanatyk.

The added benefit in this course is that students can COOK for themselves in the the residence which includes all the necessary kitchen gear plus four different ways to make coffee including a small espresso machine. The recommended motels at other schools do not allow cooking. Students must commute to class. There are no evening or weekend practise times available. The Quadra Bike School is just a few steps from the student residence. You can practise your skills or rebuild you own bicycles outside of class time during evenings and on weekends. The cost of this course is two-thirds of the cost down south. I can't possibly calculate what eating lunch and dinner at restaurants would cost you in the U.S. There are more daytime instructional hours here. The evening and weekend practise time in the bike shop is not even contemplated in other U.S. courses. I investigated several B.C. courses too. If you contemplate any other course ask whether they use the Park "Big" Blue Book of Bicycle Repair. It's a single volume paperback and in no way compares to over 14,000 pages of the current Barnet version 14.

                                          2021 Course Dates:

CAUTION: I'm not accepting students this year who must fly here, unless they can spend their quarantine time somewhere after landing.

March 29- April 30                    Course 38 
I leave the option open here for students to vote for a Good Friday holiday off.                 
Mar 29 - Apr 6                           1. Bicycle Assembly and Tuning
Apr 7 - Apr 15                           2. Professional Bicycle Repair
Apr 16 - Apr 26                         3. Bicycle Repair Practice & testing
Apr 27 - 30                                    Free practise days & testing.  

Four spots are reserved.
Three-week break for planting gardens after this course.

May 25 - June 25                          Course 39
May 24                                           Victoria Day - Canadian holiday
May 25 - Jun1                            1. Bicycle Assembly and Tuning
Jun 2 - Jun 10                             2. Professional Bicycle Repair
Jun 11 - Jun 21                           3. Bicycle Repair Practice & testing
Jun 22 - 25                                     Free practise days & testing. 

Four places are reserved.

Sept 7 - Oct 8                                Course 40
Sept 6                                             Canadian Labour Day holiday
Sept 7 - Sept 15                                 1. Bicycle Assembly and Tuning
Sept 16 - 24                                 2. Professional Bicycle Repair
Sept 27 - Oct 5                            3. Bicycle Repair Practice & testing
Oct 6 - 8                                         Free practise days & testing.  

One place is now reserved. Three openings remain.

Oct 25 - Nov 26                           Course 41
Oct 25 - Nov 2                                1. Bicycle Assembly and Tuning
Nov 7                                            change to daylight savings time
Nov 3 - Nov 11                         2. Professional Bicycle Repair
Nov 12 - 22                               3. Bicycle Repair Practice & testing
Nov 23 - 26                                   Free practise days & testing.

One place is now reserved. Three openings remain.

Email:  jsmokeydymny(at)    Phone: 1-250-285-2447 land line only. 
Postal mail: Quadra Bike School, P.O. Box 286, Heriot Bay, B.C. V0P 1H0

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