In addition to Barnett's Manual, you may want to read more about bicycles and cycling.
Here are some interesting articles, websites, and books.

The History of Cycling in Fifty Bikes: From the Velocipede to the Pinarello: The Bicycles that Have Shaped the World by Tom Ambrose

When you ride Rebecca Spit, there's Drew Harbour on the left, the Salish Sea on the right.

Websites & videos

Register your bicycle against theft for free. North American-wide, and now spreading to Europe, free bike registry on-line. Created by the tech entrepreneur who made a lot of dough after inventing the X Box. Retired, and then got his expensive bike stolen. Realized that all theft registry systems in existence were only good for individual cities, so he created a continent-wide database for 10 million bikes. Free registration, or, if you want the sticker that goes on your bike to show thieves they shouldn't even bother, the sticker costs $12.

Better truing stands, spoke tension gauges & other fine tools.

Carbon suspension fork, NO moving components to fix. Five year warranty. Less expensive than current X-country racing forks. Available for cross-country (27.5" & 29") , fat bike & cyclocross bikes from Lauf in Iceland.   See the Lauf videos on YouTube too.

First there was Sturmey-Archer, then Shimano internal-geared hubs, then Rolloff internal 14s,
and now there's Pinion(Germany) and Effigear(France): Internal gears located in the bottom bracket! You can forget the 12-speed SRAM cassette. The Pinion will never get hung up with a bent derailleur, or need to be re-tuned because you bumped it. Shifting reliability and longevity has arrived.
If that's not slick enough, there's a French gearbox called Effigear, which is more lightweight and may be even more efficient. It comes already assembled into various styles of frames by Cavalerie, also from France

But if you want to see how we turned a Sturmey-Archer internal gear hub into a smooth 15 speed. Here's how Quadra Bike School engineered it!

Tire manufacturing video:

Some more specialized tools: Stein tools

Get yourself and your friends better fitted for a bicycle at Wrench Science:

Without ball bearings, bicycles just would not work. Making them is quite a process!

See how ball bearings are manufactured:

Not everyone wants to race. See the lightest cargo bike ever. In designer colours. The most modern iteration of the classic Dutch Long John bicycle.

Articles by Smokey Dymny

How to Teach your Child to Ride

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