In addition to Barnett's Manual, you may want to read more about bicycles and cycling.  Here's some interesting articles, websites, and books.

Articles about Bicycles

By Smokey Dymny

How to Teach your Child to Ride

Inexpensive Folding Bikes

Spring Tire Check

Why Internal Gears are better for Commuter Bikes

Recommended Books

The History of Cycling in Fifty Bikes: From the Velocipede to the Pinarello: The Bicycles that Have Shaped the World by Tom Ambrose

Websites & videos

Better truing stands, spoke tension gauges, etc.

Tire manufacturing video:

Some more specialized tools: Stein tools

Get yourself and your friends better fitted for a bicycle at Wrench Science:

Without ball bearings, bicycles just would not work. Making them is quite a process!

See how ball bearings are manufactured:

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