Life on Quadra

Our days on Quadra can include espresso at the Java Bay Café

Location: The courses take place at Smokey's Bicycle Shop & Bike School on Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada. See Directions page.

The Quadra Bike School is located on 22 wooded acres with fir and pine trees 100 feet tall and taller. Our Animal Farm Trail connects directly to some of Quadra Island’s more than 50 km of trails. There are also fine, hilly road rides. A 16.2 km road loop starts from our driveway and passes by the Java Bay Café and Café Aroma, the espresso cafés on the island.

Shopping and Entertainment                                                                                            There is a good assortment of local stores including a supermarket in each village (Heriot Bay and Quathiaski Cove), with some organics. Then there are a health food store (Amped on Nutrition) and a bulk food store (Yellow Dog) in Quathiaski Cove, which also carries many organics as well as local fresh eggs (which are cheaper than the organic ones at the supermarket). There are also roadside farm stands with eggs and produce when available.

There are good local eateries, but they have shorter hours, especially in the off season, than urban people are used to. The two local espresso bars, Aroma and Java Bay, are superb and offer home-made desserts or small meals.  They also have free Wifi available.

Many community events are on hold because of the pandemic.

Check out for more information about local shops and entertainment.

Quadra Island Outdoor Activities

        These easy trails start at the Bike School driveway (at the top left on the map).

  The more challenging Morte Lake Trails border on the Chinese Mountains. These trails             have been expanded since this map was printed. See the newer trails on the Trailforks app. 
   Printed maps can't keep up with Quadra's trail builders.

Quadra Island is part of the Discovery Islands Group which is unrivalled for its scenic beauty and ecological value. The forest is home to a variety of wildlife including eagles, herons, deer, wolves, mink, cougars and occasional bears. In the surrounding waters you may see: otters, porpoises, seals, sea lions, salmon, dolphins, humpbacks and orcas. Although most of Quadra's forests were cut in the early 1900's the forest is now regrown and is a delight to experience. Old growth trees have been found in a several locations and include trees 26 feet in circumference.

Ben on the jump he just created.
 We ride over anything and everything! Where's the rider!
Octopus Islands Marine Park is a cluster of small islets at the mouth of Wiatt Bay on Quadra's north-east side. This is a popular moorage, sea kayaking and diving destination.

Main Lake Provincial Park contains the largest freshwater lakes found in Desolation Sound. Highlights include the big Douglas fir trees around Stramberg Lake, a canoe camping circuit through the linked lakes, the portage route to the ocean at Yeatman Bay and choice swimming spots.

Rebecca Spit Provincial Park is a narrow hook of land on the east side of Quadra Island. It’s an excellent, safe spot for swimming, getting some sun and picnicking with fire pits (but not free wood) and tables provided. Gravel beaches line both sides of the 2km Spit at this day use park overlook-ing the popular Drew Harbour anchorage for boaters.

Surge Narrows Marine Park is the site of some of the world's fastest tidal currents where the channel between Quadra Island's east shore and Maurelle Island is blocked by a group of small islets in the narrows. A hiking trail now starts from Surge Narrows Road.

Other adventures:
Quadra Island has some of the west coast's finest kayaking, hiking and wildlife watching. New trails showcase the salmon stream restoration projects. Opposite the access to the Chinese Mountain trails is the local Salmon hatchery. And a new map provides details for cliff climbing on the west side of the Chinese Mountains. For novices, expert guides will take you on your first experience of any of these activities.

Kayaking the sometimes foggy Salish Sea.
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