"First let me tell you how much I enjoyed the course and stay at your lovely property. This was one of the best experiences I have participated in for a very long time. Aside from the course itself I was glad that I had an opportunity to experience “Island Life”. In regards to the course I found it to be well set up to maximize the lessons you delivered. I found the course (and you) entertaining and fun and extremely rewarding personally.  I would wholeheartedly recommend your school (already have) to anyone interested in the biking/mechanic community. The course, shop facilities and living accommodations and your beautiful property made this an experience I will always remember and for that I thank you."

            - David, 2016

"So far the course is amazing. I appreciate Smokey’s teaching style, starting with best practice and moving towards problem-solving.  The class size is perfect to allow for different levels of experience
and pace of learning.  Smokey’s passion, experience in the bicycle activist/mechanics community, and skill create an amazing container for learning.  I’m excited to continue learning, 4 weeks to go..."
-Kareno, 2012

Only two weeks in, I’ve learned a ton and am loving this course! Smokey offers a great combination of patient & methodical teaching, passion for all-things-bicycle, a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a beautiful friendly island community to take part in. The bike shop and student housing connect to amazing forested trails that we go walking, jogging, or biking on every day, and lead to weekly community centre lunch, yoga classes, and island market. There’s so much cycling on this island, I love that we get full-time classes learning so much, plus evenings and weekends free to explore.  What a great place for a 6-week intensive holiday... err, I mean bike mechanics training.  So good...

-Kimi, 2012

Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you again for the course. I already completed my first week at Velocity Cycle in Edmonton, building some pretty high-end bikes. Our shop mainly deals with Giant and Kona. The boss and the senior mechanic have been very impressed with the quality of the work I've been doing, thanks to you :-)  Lee, 2015

Working on derailleurs

There have now been over 100 graduates from the Quadra Bike School. Many, of course, came from western Canada. We have had 6 grads from Whitehorse & 6 from Victoria! At the last count there were 6 mechanics working at MEC stores. Several at Community Bicycle Shops - even Australia. And many commercial shops . Several grads started their own bicycle businesses.
Road test during the Toronto course.
Past grads have also come from, or gone back to, the Canary Islands (Spain); Munich (Germany); Adelaide (Australia); Capetown, (South Africa);  North Carolina and Lanai, Hawaii, USA.

Grease goes everywhere!

Someone's going to love this bike!
This MUST fit somewhere Justin!
Wheel truing Feb 2012
First bike student at Quadra location Fall 2011
You can learn to restore this too.
Swimming spot down there by Rebecca Spit.
Joshua W. Toronto
Some of the 35 graduates in the Toronto LEF course.
Our favourite drink, of course.
Removing a cotter pin the hard way in Toronto.
The huge Toronto BAM classroom in 2010 at the Learning Enrishment Foundation.
Arial viewview of the Toronto School
There are beautiful vistas all around Quadra Island
Velomobiles are built just east down the road from us.

Thefour bedroom student residence.
The bicycle shop in November

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