The Residence

The bike school residence started out both smaller and simpler. It now features 4 individual bedrooms, with individual heating control. Every bedroom has sheets, pillows and duvets, towels, plus a desk or table.

The kitchen contains dishes, pots, pans and several types of coffee makers. There are extra individual food storage containers to keep your goodies away from ants. (Ants sneak in thru the doors people leave open.) There is large shared refrigerator and an 8 foot butcher block counter for food prep. 

The common area includes the dining area and a living room overlooking the south-facing deck through a glass patio door. The main entryway is covered to shelter you & bicycles during the rainy seasons.

Note: As this is a school environment, drugs and alcohol will not be used on the property.

Residence FAQ

Can my spouse/child/pet anaconda stay with me?

Students with pets, spouses, or children are asked to make other housing arrangements. There are many inns, B & Bs, etc, for those who need alternative accommodation. This is up to you to arrange.

I don't have a phone.  How can I call home?

There is a free phone.

Can I clean my socks here?

There are free laundry facilities, although on nice days we recommend doing your drying in the fresh air with solar power.

Are the meals catered?

Students do their own cooking.  Shopping is 3 kilometers away.  See Life on Quadra Island for more information on Quadra Island amenities.

I don't have a vehicle...

Students who don't bring their own bikes can use one of the shop rental bicycles for transportation. Rental is $200 for 5 weeks. $50 will be returned if the bicycle is cleaned and tuned to its original condition before the student's departure.

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