The Residence

The four bedroom residence faces the south.

The bike school residence started out smaller and simpler. It now features 4 individual bedrooms, with individual heaters. Every bedroom has bedding and towels provided.

The kitchen contains all the necessary dishes, pots, pans as well several types of coffee makers. There are extra individual food storage containers to keep your goodies away from bugs. (Ants sneak in through the doors). There is large shared refrigerator separate storage containers for your dry goods and an eight-foot-long butcher block table for food prep. 
The residence common areas include the dining area and the living room which overlooks the south-facing deck through the glass patio door. And of course the bathroom, The roofed main entryway overhang has hooks to hang students' bicycles.

Note: This is a school environment. Drugs and alcohol will not be used on the property. Cigarettes must be consumed well away from doors and windows.

Residence FAQ & questions.

Can my spouse/child/or pet anaconda stay with me? Students with pets, spouses, or children are asked to make other housing arrangements. There are several inns, lodges, and many B & Bs, for those who want alternative accommodation. This is up to you to arrange.

I don't have a cell phone. Can I call home?  There is a free phone. But please don't overuse the long distance feature.

Where do I do my laundry? There is a washer and dryer in the student residence. On sunny days we recommend the environmental option using fresh air and solar power. Your clothes will smell fresher.

Are the meals catered?  Nope, there is only one instructor and he teaches bike mechanics. There are too many different diets amongst the students for anyone to cope with such variety.
And you wouldn't want to eat his resticted menu either.
Students can do their own cooking, which is, to our knowledge, the only bike school which offers this feature but if you eat similar diets you can cook together! Shopping is only a short distance away. See Life on Quadra Island page for more information on Quadra Island amenities and stores.

I'm not bringing a vehicle! Students who don't bring their own bikes can use one of the shop rental bicycles for transportation. Rental is $200 for 5 weeks. $50 will be reimbursed if the bicycle is cleaned and tuned to its original condition before you leave.

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